Six & Ten Studio 

Six & Ten Studio is a full service creative studio specializing in photography, design and styled event production.

Six & Ten Studio was created in 2016 with the intention to provide support to the creative community and the entrepreneurs behind it. Six & Ten has a multidisciplinary design team made up of women with a collective experience in drawing, illustration, visual merchandising, fashion design, pattern-making, web design, graphic design and photography.

Our first studio space was located at 610 16th Street in Oakland, which is where we derived the name from. But after some research into numerology, which says the number six is artistic, with a nurturing disposition, and community oriented; while the number 10 is known as an initiator of action, a pioneering spirit with inventive ideas, and courage - it just felt right and stuck with us.

In 2018, we outgrew our first studio and are in the process of creating a new larger and more suitable space to continue nurturing & supporting our creative community.

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Graphic design & logo work by Alexis Vilay



Oakland, CA 94612



Nikki Navarro
Studio Manager | Illustrator

Cherlyn Wagner
Founder | Designer | Photographer