Cerissa Mangrum : Studio Membership

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Cerissa Mangrum : Studio Membership


This service is for Cerissa Mangrum only. 

Price includes first month's membership fees & security deposit. The security deposit is in the amount of one month's membership fee, which will be used towards your last month's rent when you terminate your membership. You must give us at least 30 days written notice of your membership cancellation.

Membership dues of $200/month includes:

  • Access to the studio and conference room for up to 4 days per month or 32 hours per month. This time must be divided into 2-, 4-, or 8-hour increments per day only. (Half-day is 4 hours, full-day is 8 hours.) When booking consecutive days, please notify Alexis or Cherlyn. Hours and or dates must be booked in advance using the shared public calendar and member must notify via email on her preferred dates so that there are no scheduling conflicts between other members and co-founders. Priority is given to co-founders scheduling needs.
  • In studio storage of poly boards. Other small items must be stored in the storage unit located in the basement. Six & Ten will provide assistance when items from storage, such as stored light stands or props when needed.
  • Use of Six & Ten Studio's address as mailing address
  • Ability to receive packages with advanced notice
    *Member must carry their own insurance policy. 
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